When traffic flows well, streets are swept, cracks are filled, snow is cleared, and traffic signals are in sync, it’s because of the Public Works Department. Public Works plans, designs, maintains and repairs nearly 700 lane miles of roadway within Town, providing a broad range of services to ensure our transportation system can keep pace with our growth.


  • Planning and implementing new roadway projects in line with the transportation master plan
  • Providing maintenance and repair of roadways, sidewalks, and curbs
  • Completing snow and ice removal after storms
  • Managing traffic signals, signage, and pavement markings

Internationally Accredited

In 2016, the Castle Rock Public Works Department became the 110th agency in North America to earn accreditation through the American Public Works Association. Less than 1 percent of public works agencies have earned this distinction.

Accreditation symbolizes that the department has met stringent requirements through APWA and identifies that we are doing the right things. Accreditation also identifies the department’s commitment to continual improvement to ensure that the public is receiving transportation products and services that are efficient and cost effective.

Public Works Strategic Asset Management Plan

The Public Works Department manages a significant amount of physical public transportation infrastructure. These public “assets” provide a variety of value to the Town’s stakeholders. Having a common expectation of how the Department manages these assets to obtain the highest value within the available resources provided is essential. The Town has recently established this common expectation through policy principles and objectives within the Department’s Strategic Asset Management Plan. View the plan for more information.

See our 2020 report card in a nutshell or the full report.

Public Works Strategic Plan

The Public Works Department Strategic Plan is a living management tool that provides short-term direction, builds a shared vision, and sets objectives and goals for the department. View a Public Works Strategic Plan for more information.

Transportation Master Plan

Planning for future growth has many parts. One of those is planning for an increase in the number of people getting where they need to go. Learn more about the Town’s Transportation Master Plan.