Long-Term Water

Securing long-term water for the Town and its residents - that’s the goal of Castle Rock Water’s long-term water plan and Legacy Water Projects. For the past eight years, the Town has been working to ensure the community’s water future and obtain a long-term, sustainable water supply.


Right now, a large portion of the Town’s water is nonrenewable groundwater that comes from 1,000 or more feet below ground in what is called the Denver Basin aquifer, while only a small portion comes from renewable supplies along Plum Creek.

water drop thermometer2 blue
The nonrenewable Denver Basin groundwater will become very difficult to extract and expensive in the future, so the main objective of the long-term water plan and Legacy Water Projects is to move toward a renewable water supply -  water in creeks and rivers replenished each year from snow and rain. Castle Rock Water has made huge strides toward that goal.