Strategic long-term water planning
In 2006, the Town, through a collaborative process with Town residents, leaders, and staff, prepared a Water Resources Strategic Master Plan. The vision developed for the plan was, “a community-endorsed strategic plan establishing feasible water resource development opportunities to assure a long-term sustainable water supply for the Town of Castle Rock.”
Based on this vision, the Town decided on a 75 percent renewable water goal when the Town reaches build out, which is expected to be around 2050 at approximately 100,000 residents. That plan compiled public input, technical feasibility, and the affordability of alternatives to set a course of action.

The seven steps to long-term water
Castle Rock Water’s current plan can be broken down into seven major pieces:
  • A plan of how to pay for all of it
  • Existing groundwater supplies
  • Imported water supplies
  • Local water supplies
  • Strategic long-term water planning
  • Water conservation
  • Water supply storage
Imagine these pieces as a puzzle to secure the Town’s water future that will take decades to complete.

About 6 percent of the renewable water needed to meet our future goal has been secured. Relative to our current population, of course, this percentage is significantly higher, but the goal is set to meet our long-term needs, not just the needs that we have today. Because of the accomplishments Castle Rock Water has recently made in the Town’s long-term water plan, it is expected that the number will grow to 37 percent relative to our future goal by 2017 with completion of the WISE and Plum Creek diversion projects.