Pavement Maintenance Program

Keeping streets safe with annual roadwork

Each year, the Town budgets and plans summer road maintenance on both primary and local streets through the Pavement Maintenance Program. Annual maintenance extends the life of our roads and helps us get the most out of our investment in infrastructure.

Five-year rotation

Concentrating residential work in specific areas of Town improves savings and efficiency. 
View our interactive map to see when maintenance is expected in your area.

Planning for 2018: Founders Village
Looking to 2018, we'll be maintaining streets in the eastern part of Castle Rock, which includes Founders Village.

While we work to improve roads in your neighborhood, we know it means a temporary inconvenience, so we want you to know what to expect in terms of timing and communication. 

Watch for information in spring 2018 and throughout the summer. If we will be working on your street, we will send you a letter about two weeks ahead of time, and our contractor will place a note on your door 48 to 72 hours before scheduled work. 

We appreciate your patience. Please know, sometimes, weather impacts our schedule. We will do our best to keep you notified.

2017 work completed

In 2017, we worked in south area of Town, including Plum Creek and Crystal Valley, along with areas of Glover's and Baldwin Parks:
  • Reconstruction: 3.2 lane miles
  • Full Depth Reclamation: 1.6 lane miles
  • Concrete Restoration: 4 lane miles
  • Overlay: 9.3 lane miles
  • Slurry Seal: 15.5 lane miles
  • Crack Seal: 47.4 lane miles
  • Total lane miles improved in 2017: 81