Community Character

Castle Rock is a cherished, sought-out and unique community. It's safe, it's family friendly. It's where you know your neighbors. 

This area of the website is where you will find information about what makes Castle Rock Castle Rock. It's also where we will start to ask your opinion as we further define what Castle Rock means to us. 

As Castle Rock evolves, your Town government is dedicated to ensuring our community remains a charming and desirable place that residents can take pride in calling home.

Friendly people, a historic Downtown, community events, small businesses, open spaces and safe neighborhoods imbue Castle Rock with charm. The Town prioritizes protection of these aspects of our community as it plans for the future.


That’s not to say that the journey from our community of today to the one Castle Rock is going to become – a mid-sized city of more than 100,000 residents – won’t include bumps.

To reach Castle Rock’s potential as a community of more than 100,000 people that still has “small-town” character, it will be critical that we all understand and embrace the importance of smart development.

Instead of allowing the changes we’ll experience to chip away at our community spirit, we’ll need to look at those changes as proof of that spirit’s fortitude; each hill the community conquers together adds to our local history, which helps flavor the essence of our beloved Town.

So, let’s be authentic in our opinions. Let’s discuss the challenges change can bring openly while remaining united so we can see together how the next chapter unfolds.

If Castle Rock’s past is any indication, its future is likely to be filled with admirable success.