About Castle Rock neighborhoods
Our Town is perfectly situated, with quick access to both the calm of open spaces and the buzz of the big city, including its employment opportunities.

Just as good are the recreational opportunities. The Town boasts nearly 20 parks, more than 50 miles of public trails and nearly 6,000 acres of open space - so there’s a good chance there will be somewhere to escape to close by, no matter where you decide to make your home.

We’ve got plenty of options for you to do just that - from 100-plus-year-old homes in the Town’s center to the new construction offered in myriad styles and locations. And all the Town’s neighborhoods are just a short car ride away from the historic Downtown, where street festivals and unique shops and restaurants are as common as smiles from neighbors.

The median price for a single-family home in Castle Rock is about $250,000; prices range from $110,000 to $1.3 million.

Castle Rock major neighborhoods
Below is a list of the Town’s major neighborhoods. Links have been included when available so you can learn more about these areas.
The Town maintains a list of residential homeowner association property managers. The list is typically updated annually. To notify us of a change to the property management list or to this webpage, email us