Colorado Bluebird Project

Improving bluebird populations

The Colorado Bluebird Project operates under the guidance of Denver Audubon and is offered through POST Partners in Castle Rock. This volunteer-run project aims to improve the vitality of bluebird populations throughout Colorado and to inform and educate the public about bluebirds. For more information, see the project overview sheet (PDF).  

Since 2007, with the help of hundreds of volunteers and students from several Castle Rock schools, we have watched thousands of native bird nests, such as bluebirds, swallows, wrens and chickadees in nest boxes established all over town. Each year, the monitoring efforts and data collected by volunteers are assembled into a summary presentation (PDF) that features highlights from the year, graphs of the project increases, project data and quotes from volunteers.

Volunteers needed

Volunteers of all ages are needed to assist with monitoring of the nest boxes from April through August. Volunteers will visit the boxes on a rotating basis once every two or three weeks to collect important nesting data.

New volunteers will need to attend both the Virtual Informational Open House and Virtual Monitor Training. All registered volunteers will receive an invitation to these events.

Wondering what to expect as a volunteer? Check out this slideshow (PDF) featuring photos provided by our volunteers from the 2020 season.

2021 Season information

  1. Join us to kick off the 2021 season!

    Virtual Informational Open House

    Thursday, Feb. 18
    7-8 p.m.

    Register for the open house

    Virtual Monitor Training

    Thursday, March 4
    7-8 p.m.

    Register for the monitor training

Sign-up information

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Bluebird Monitor with the Colorado Bluebird Project in 2021, please complete the required registration packet (PDF), which includes a Waiver, Site Preference Form and Application. Please submit paperwork to Marcy Jones, POST Partners Volunteer Program Coordinator, by email.

Feel free to download our Colorado Bluebird Project Volunteer Training Manual (PDF) as a reference for either your backyard monitoring or as one of our nest-box monitoring volunteers. We encourage those installing nest boxes in their own yards to follow these guidelines (PDF).

Bluebird nest boxes in Castle Rock

Bluebird boxes are located throughout Castle Rock on various public parks, trails, open space and school properties. View a map of all the locations.

  • Bison Park
  • Butterfield Crossing Park
  • Castle Rock Elementary School
  • Cedar Hill Cemetery
  • Crystal Valley Ranch (at Sellars Gulch)
  • Douglas County High School
  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Flagstone Elementary future park site
  • Flagstone Elementary School
  • Gateway Mesa interior
  • Gateway Mesa Open Space
  • Gemstone Park
  • Matney Park
  • Memmen Ridge Open Space
  • Mesa Middle School
  • Metzler Ranch Park
  • Mitchell Gulch Park
  • Native Legend Trail (two sites)
  • Philip S. Miller Park
  • Plum Creek Park
  • Quarry Mesa Open Space
  • Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course (two sites)
  • Renaissance Magnet School
  • Rhyolite Regional Park
  • Sage Canyon Elementary School
  • Stewart Trail at Ridgeline Open Space
  • The Rock Church
  • Woodlands Bowl Open Space
  • Wrangler Park

Additional educational opportunities

The Town’s Natural Resource Specialist, Barbara Spagnuolo is available for educational presentations to schools, scout troops, volunteer groups and community organizations. Learn more about the program and how you can help bluebirds in Castle Rock.

2020 Volunteers

Thanks to these 2020 Colorado Bluebird Project volunteers. These 105 volunteers contributed over 1000 hours to help with the program and increase our Bluebird and Tree Swallow populations in Castle Rock.

If you were a 2020 volunteer and are curious about the specific site you monitored, we can provide you with a site summary. Contact 720-733-2294 or email us for more information.

2020 Colorado Bluebird Project Volunteers

  • Andrew & Simone Higgins
  • Angela Thomas
  • Ann Weaver
  • Art & Rhonda Morales
  • Barbara Rilling
  • Becky Newman
  • Beth Wood
  • Bill & Quinten Schully
  • Bill Baird
  • Bob & Ros Legge
  • Bonnie Buchold
  • Brian Peterson
  • Bridget Milnes
  • Bruce Ritchie
  • Caitlyn Pollack
  • Christy Fletcher
  • Cindy Malone
  • Cindy Shimpa
  • Claire & Jason Yolton
  • David Crabb
  • David Fogle
  • Diane Sparks
  • Dorris Rollins
  • Erin Finnin
  • Gary Walter
  • Heather Lindsey
  • Helga Meyer Jack Simmonds
  • Jack Simmonds
  • James & Gloria Cavalier
  • Jammie, Carson & Connor Linn
  • Jeff & Emma Sceli
  • Jennifer Lyon
  • Jon & Marylin Greeneisen
  • Josh Bleeker
  • Judy Sliwinski
  • Karen Foreman
  • Kathy Hensley
  • Kathy O'Donnell
  • Kim Malenoski
  • Kimber Morgan
  • Kimberly Winder
  • KimberlyKilzer
  • Kira James
  • Kylah & Jared Dierks
  • Lauren Capper
  • Leslie Hoggatt
  • Leslie Spencer
  • Linda Gould
  • Lon & Jonelle Albrecht
  • Lynn Paulson
  • Maia Aman
  • Marcia & Pawel Tarasenko
  • Matt Javernick
  • Meg & Dev Stancliffe
  • Michael Lyon
  • Mike Gauthier
  • Nancy Wortmann
  • Nicole Dibble 
  • Patricia Kraus
  • Peggy Hupp
  • Peggy Winn
  • Riley & Matthew Cayton
  • Robert Sammel
  • Roxann Hayes
  • Ryan & September Michaud
  • Sarah Corliss
  • Scott Mills
  • Shannon & Tyler Jorgensen
  • Sierra Gould Selln
  • Stacy & Zane Wagner
  • Stephanie Glavan
  • Susan Hogan
  • Tess & Kai Johnson
  • Tiffany Reckseen
  • Todd Johnson
  • Tom & Cathy Olson
  • William Busby
  • Yolande Schmitz