Business or Commercial Building
Courtyard at Castle Rock, 333 N. Perry St.
This project "respects the history and heritage of Castle Rock's design guidelines, while incorporating modern construction materials and innovative design elements." This area in Town is highly visible and provides a standard for future Downtown structures of a similar scale and character.

Environmental Project
Meritage Homes in The Meadows
This project "provides a great example of how the use of green energy building materials and energy-saving devices and products can be incorporated into a tract home development. This is a fantastic model for other builders to follow."

Historic Preservation
Holcomb House, 220 Lewis St.
Owners John and Katherine Gallagher were recognized for their project, which represents preservation of historic architectural details to portray the history and heritage of Castle Rock in a unique and individualistic manner. The renovation work completed by the property owners is consistent with the original character and scale of the Holcomb House.

Public Facility/Community Project
Rhyolite Regional Park, 1701 Crystal Valley Parkway
This project provides a variety of features for active and passive recreation for the entire family while using design features and structures that respect the natural topography and aesthetic values of the area.

Residential Remodel
Hammerton Home, 422 N. Gilbert St.
Owners Jerry and Ruperta Hammerton were recognized for their project, which “represents an excellent use of old and new construction techniques while respecting the heritage and history of the property.”

Sense of Place/Community Character
"Coolin' the Dogs" Sculpture, Median at Fifth and Gilbert streets
Artist Craig Bergsgaard was recognized for his work, which “represents a positive and aesthetically pleasing use of public space by the Public Art Commission. The old west theme provides interest and enhances the history and heritage of our Town while acting as an entry feature to the Downtown area.”

Site Features
Festival Park, 300 Second St.
The reuse of an abandoned parking lot in the Downtown core was critical to restoring the health and vitality of our community character and heritage through a variety of public Downtown events and activities, which enhance the social aspects of our Downtown area.

Courtyard at Castle Rock (3)
Meritage Homes (2)
Holcomb House (2)
Rhyolite Regional Park
Hammerton House
Coolin the dogs
Festival Park (2)