Report a

  1. Barking Dog

    Barking Dog

    To report a problem with a barking dog, please call the 24/7 non-emergency line, 303-663-6100, or report your concern using the online TRAKiT software system. Please remember to add the address of the barking dog in your narrative or the address section.

  2. Crime


    ePoliceReporting: Using this online system allows you to report a nonviolent crime, such as identity theft, vandalism, or lost or found property immediately and print a copy of the resulting police report for free.

  3. Personnel Complaint

    Personnel Complaint

    Submit a complaint against an officer or employee of the Police Department. An investigation will be conducted and, if substantiated, appropriate action may be taken. Completed forms may be mailed, faxed or delivered in person to the police station.