Mail Ballot Elections

The Town of Castle Rock conducts elections by mail ballot as coordinated by Douglas County Elections.
Ballots are mailed to all active, registered electors who appear in the County's voter registration records.  Ballots are mailed approximately 20 days prior to the election.  Mail Ballot packets include the ballot, instructions for completing the ballot, a secrecy envelope to conceal the vote, and a return envelope.  The voter must pay postage if returning the ballot by mail.

Ballots cannot be forwarded, so any elector who has moved and did not update their address will not receive a ballot.  Undeliverable ballots are returned to the Douglas County Elections Office.  If you have registered to vote or updated your address at the Department of Motor Vehicles office, you should confirm your changes have been activated.  To verify your voter eligibility status, confirm changes that have been made, or to update your current address go to  
Completion of the self affirmation area on the return envelope is required.  The affirmation is to be signed by the voter to whom the ballot was issued.  The witness signature is only required if you are unable to sign your voter signature on the self affirmation statement.  
Ballots must be physically received by 7 p.m. on Election Day to be counted.  The postmark date does not count as the received date.  Ballots may be returned by mail or dropped off at authorized drop-off locations.  

Local 24-hour ballot drop-off locations

These locations are available 24-hours a day for ballot drop off.  Ballots must be placed in the ballot box by the close of the polls at 7 p.m. on Election Day.
  • Douglas County Elections Office parking lot, 125 Stephanie Place (drive-up)
  • Douglas County Office Building, 100 Third St. (walk-up)
  • Grange Community Center, 3692 Meadows Blvd. (drive-up)
  • Douglas County Event Center, 500 Fairgrounds Rd. (walk-up)
  • Ridge House, 4501 E. Endrud Boulevard (drive-up)
  • Crystal Valley Ranch Recreation Center, 2160 Fox Haven Drive (walk-up)

Ballot drop box locations are for ballot drop-off only.  For additional voter services, please visit a Voter Service and Polling Center.  

Replacement ballots

A registered elector may obtain a replacement ballot if their ballot was
  • Lost, damaged or destroyed
  • Incorrectly voted
  • Never received in the mail
  • You are an inactive voter and never received a ballot

To request a replacement ballot please contact the Douglas County Elections Office.  You will need to provide identification and sign a sworn statement why a replacement ballot is being requested.  The original ballot that was issued will be voided.  If both the original and the replacement ballot are cast, neither ballot will be counted.

Absentee ballots

A registered elector may request to receive a ballot at an address other than what is registered no later than seven days prior to the election date.  Once an absentee ballot is mailed, any other ballot previously mailed shall be considered void and only the absentee ballot will be counted.  To request an absentee ballot please contact the Douglas County Elections Office.