Comprehensive Master Plan

We’re planning for the future

Like you do for your family, the Town of Castle Rock plans for the future.

The Comprehensive Master Plan document defines the Town’s broad and long-term direction. The Town uses the plan to guide its growth, development and planning efforts. As Castle Rock thrives, we’re updating our plan.

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Background and outreach

The 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan was completed in 2002. Of course, a lot has changed. Now, the Town is nearly complete with the updated plan, which looks to 2030. 

Thoughts and feedback from residents and business owners have been key drivers in this update, which has been underway since 2014. Feedback used for the new plan has included:
  • 2013 and 2015 Community Surveys
  • Vision document updates from 2014
  • Open houses throughout 2015 related to this project in particular
  • Open houses related to growth in 2016

Four Cornerstones are the foundation of the plan

Together, the community in 1999 came up with Four Cornerstones on which to focus future development. Community input described above confirmed these Four Cornerstones are still important to the community today.

The Four Cornerstones are:

Distinct Town Identity

Our goal is to ensure Castle Rock is recognized and rewarded as a unique and welcoming community distinguished by its vibrant and historic Downtown, small-town character, distinct identity as the Douglas County seat, diverse and easily accessible recreation options, scenic backdrop, natural environment and family friendly activities. 

Responsible Growth

Our goal is to ensure Castle Rock plans for responsible development that accommodates the needs of existing and future residents while enhancing the Town’s own town character, distinct Town identity and to ensure we remain a vibrant freestanding community within the region.  

Community Services

Our goal is to ensure quality community services and infrastructure are provided in an efficient manner to support the public health, safety and welfare and maintain the high quality of life for Castle Rock residents and business owners.


Our goal is to ensure Castle Rock will be a self-sufficient community where people can work, live and play, including a business environment that offers a broad range of primary employment opportunities for residents and maintains a healthy tax base.

Progress update
The Town hosted an open house June 7.  View the information presented. Then, tell us your questions. We'll answer them personally and then post them on this page when we post a draft of the plan. This way, we can make sure your questions are addressed in our community's plan. 

Next steps

Soon, a draft of the plan will be posted on this web page. We'll email our subscribers when it's posted, so make sure to sign up for email updates

For the plan to be finalized, Planning Commission and Town Council will review the draft and determine if it is adopted. This is expected during summer/fall 2017. 


In 2013 we reviewed the Town's Vision to ensure we were still on track. The Vision document has not been formally approved by Town Council, but will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan update. The Planning Commission has reviewed and recommended approval of the Vision document.

Vision 2030 Draft
Vision 2030 Summary Report

Transportation Master Plan

The Town is also working on an update to its master plan related to all modes of transportation. Learn more