2A Five-Year TABOR Time Out

Your investment, everyone's reward 
In November 2005, voters approved ballot question 2A by almost 60 percent, allowing the Town to keep revenue over the Taxpayer Bill of Rights limit for parks, trails, recreation, roads and public safety. 

That vote provided about $13 million over the course of five years, helping the Town keep up with service demands for fire and emergency medical services, police, recreation and roadway and park maintenance. 

That was not a tax increase. Instead, the five-year timeout allowed the Town to de-Bruce like almost every other city, town and county in Colorado (almost 90 percent) whose voters have exempted them from the revenue limits imposed by TABOR.

In Douglas County, the Library District, School District, County, Town of Parker and City of Lone Tree also are exempt. Larkspur is the only exception.

The following list details Town improvements funding in part or in entirety by the TABOR timeout.

Police projects and services 
  • Six additional police officers
  • Downtown police officer
  • Traffic police officer
  • School resource officer (funded in part) for Castle View High School
  • Three patrol officers for additional
  • response district
  • Vehicles, equipment, uniforms, training, materials, and supplies for additional officers
  • Police traffic trailer (were instead able to purchase four mobile speed indicator signs - one per patrol district)
  • Regional law enforcement service delivery and facilities studies and assessments (the regional law enforcement committee determined a regional facility is not optimal but is seeking ways to use technology to improve information-sharing and other efficiencies among jurisdictions)
  • Police capital improvement planning and facilities improvement design
Fire and Rescue projects and services 
  • Acquisition of land for Fire Training Center expansion
  • Fire Station 151 improvements
  • Fire Station 153 improvements
  • Fire Station 154 improvements
  • Three additional firefighters
  • Equipment, training, materials and supplies for additional firefighters
Transportation projects and services 
  • Plum Creek Boulevard street maintenance project
  • Enderud Boulevard street maintenance project
  • Downtown parking structure (joint venture with Douglas County)
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (funded in part)

Police and Fire at a structure fire
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Park projects and services 
  • Gemstone Park neighborhood park construction
  • Construction of Matney Park
  • Additional park maintenance -- part-time, seasonal and re-classified employees
  • Founders Park parking improvements
  • Regional / intergovernmental park facilities planning
  • Construction of Rhyolite Regional Park in the Crystal Valley area (funded in part)
Recreation projects and services 
  • Recreation Center expansion, expanded programs and additional personnel, material and supplies (funded in part)
  • Regional / intergovernmental recreation facilities planning
  • Junior Golf Program support (transfer from Community Center Fund)
Trail projects and services 
  • Trails planner position
  • Regional / intergovernmental trail facilities planning
  • East Plum Creek trail connection
Open space 
  • Crystal Valley Mesa purchase (funded in part) and improvements
Investments in support of Police, Fire, transportation, Parks and Recreation and trails projects and services
  • Town Hall improvements (funded in part)
  • Measure 2A marketing and communications