Plum Creek Parkway Widening

Project update

  1. Beginning Tuesday, June 15, through Friday, June 18 final paving will take place along Plum Creek Parkway from Gilbert Street to Eaton Street. Expect lane closures as crews complete the outside lanes first, then transition to the inside lanes. Traffic will remain open in both directions. Keep in mind, new pavement must cool before traffic markings can be painted, which is expected to occur the week of June 21. Thank you for your patience - smooth roads are ahead. 

From Founders Village to Downtown, Plum Creek Parkway is a key roadway that connects motorists to neighborhoods around Town. As part of its Transportation Master Plan, the Town is investing in the widening of Plum Creek Parkway, east of Gilbert Street. 

Project overview

This project includes the addition of two lanes on Plum Creek Parkway, between Gilbert Street and Ridge Road, and roundabouts at the intersections of Gilbert and Eaton streets. 

Additional improvements include a guardrail along parts of westbound Plum Creek Parkway, a new sidewalk, bicycle lanes and flashing crosswalk beacons to improve pedestrian and driver safety.

The project will improve access to the I-25/Plum Creek Parkway interchange from the eastern areas of Town, and will also decrease traffic congestion in the area.

Project progress

In fall 2019, underground utility work began along Plum Creek Parkway in preparation for improvements to the roadway. Portions of the underground utility work were completed in May 2020, when construction began on the roadway to widen the parkway between Gilbert and Eaton streets and add two roundabouts.

In February 2021, the new roadway was opened and the project entered a winter shut-down period. In April, crews began remaining construction activities including:

  • replacing damaged curbs and gutters, and touching up areas behind the gutter
  • placing compost and seeds
  • landscaping
  • placing a final 2” of asphalt, to even the roadway and create a finished surface
  • painting new roadway markings

Water quality pond on northwest corner of intersection  

The improved roadway down the Plum Creek Parkway corridor will also increase the volume of stormwater runoff during rain events. In many cases, roadways work to help convey water into the stormwater system. In order to help with the water quality draining into Sellers Gulch, a pond has been added to the northwest corner of the intersection of Plum Creek Parkway and South Gilbert Street.


Phase 1B of the project will cost about $7.5 million and is being primarily funded by the Transportation Capital Fund, which receives revenue from development impact fees. The replacement of the existing pavement, which is just under $1 million, will be funded mostly by sales tax revenue from the Transportation Fund. 

Transportation Planning

These improvements were defined in the Town’s Transportation Master Plan. Reducing congestion in the area has been a priority for Town Council. Learn more about that plan and read the document at

Plum Creek Parkway Improvements