Plum Creek Parkway

A smoother drive is coming

The Town is nearly done with a series of improvements to intersections along Plum Creek Parkway, between Perry Street and Interstate 25. These improvements are necessary to keep up with demand as Castle Rock thrives. The Town appreciates your patience.  

Work began in May and was expected to wrap up by mid-August, depending on weather. Now, work is expected to wrap up in late September. During construction, the Town was able to maximize time and budget to get additional joint-sealing work done while the road is already under construction. Joint-sealing extends the life of the street. 

New technology is next phase

Now that repairs are almost done, the Town is preparing to implement new traffic technology for westbound weekday commuters. Learn more about how this will increase your access to I-25.

Stay informed

Improvements are expected to help improve traffic flow in this area as Castle Rock thrives. But to get there, construction will mean inconveniences to both drivers and businesses. Sign up for updates to get the latest information. 

Plan your commute ahead of time

To do this work safely, some lane and intersection closures will be necessary, along with some detours along the Plum Creek Parkway corridor. At least one lane of through traffic will be maintained in both directions on Plum Creek Parkway. Still, it might be wise to give yourself more time, or take an alternate route. 

Track traffic with Google and plan your route

Visit Google traffic map for current traffic information.

Use our list of alternate routes

To access the west side of Town
  • Use Fifth Street to Wolfensberger Road
  • Use Perry Street to either Fifth or Sixth Street then to Wilcox Street and on to Wolfensberger Road
  • Use Perry Street to Front Street then on to old Highway 85.  
To access I-25
Route to the Wolfensberger Interchange, using either Perry or Wilcox streets
Take Perry Street to Front Street then on to the Founders/Meadows Parkway interchange.  

From Crystal Valley
Use Lake Gulch to Fifth Street then on to Wolfensberger interchange
Take Front Street to the Founders/Meadows Parkway interchange.  
Details of the work planned
  • The Town will add a dedicated right from southbound Perry Street to Plum Creek Parkway
  • At Wilcox Street and Plum Creek Parkway, the intersection will be reconstructed to improve drainage and ride quality by removing the “dip” on the east side of this intersection. Plus, additional turn lanes will be added to improve traffic flow for westbound Plum Creek Parkway and northbound Wilcox Street 
  • At I-25 and Plum Creek Parkway, new electronic signage will provide an additional right-turn lane for drivers to access the northbound I-25 on-ramp during heavy morning traffic hours. Also, the lanes on the southbound off-ramp will be rearranged for better traffic flow
  • Crews will make the most of this inconvenience by also repairing the pavement, curbs and sidewalks along Plum Creek Parkway between Douglas County Fairgrounds and Wilcox Street
  • The Town will also perform additional crack sealing along Plum Creek Parkway between I-25 and Plum Creek Boulevard. This work will help smooth out the road and extend the life of the street.