Other Services

We know there are some services you might be looking for that are not provided by the Town of Castle Rock. Here are a few links to some of these services. 


Cable television, Internet and telephone service providers


Electric and gas service providers

Black Hills Energy
CORE Electric Cooperative (formerly IREA)

Burned out streetlights (not traffic signals)

With the exception of a few streetlights Downtown, all the Town’s streetlights are maintained by CORE Electric Cooperative, so please call them directly at 303-688-3100 to report a burned-out streetlight or report the outage online. CORE will require an address where the streetlight is located, so make sure you have that information when you call them. 

Trash removal and recycling services

The Town does not provide trash removal or recycling services. Neighborhoods with homeowners associations may provide trash removal through the HOA. Those in areas without an HOA must obtain individual service.

Trash providers that serve the area include Haulaway and Waste Management

Recycling Services

There is a community recycling center that operates 10 a.m. to noon every Saturday at 701 Prairie Hawk Drive. Learn more on community recycling center's website 

The Colorado Association for Recycling
has helpful links to recycling services.

There is an A-Z Recycle Guide at Tri-County Health website

There are several landfill locations in the region.

Or, check out other clean-up resources.


Chemical roundup and removal

 Tri-County Health hosts three household chemical roundups in Douglas County. 

Electronic and computer recycling

The Colorado State Department of Health & Environment has information about electronic and computer recycling

Tree and yard debris

The Douglas County Slash/Mulch site accepts tree branches and shrubbery on Saturdays from May through October. Acceptable items include tree branches and shrubbery with a maximum length of 6 ft. and maximum diameter of 12 inches. All loads must be covered when they arrive at the sites.

Electric car charging stations


Services provided by Douglas County or the State of Colorado

Driver's licenses
Automobile registration
Register to vote
Human Services: Child protective services, child support, financial assistance, food assistance, energy assistance, senior services. The Help and Hope Center also provides financial, housing and food assistance.
Public health inspections

Tenant-Landlord Disputes

Tenant-Landlord disputes are a civil matter. Contact an attorney or there is some information at Colorado Housing Connects.