Saddleback Drive

Construction set to start along Black Pine, Saddleback and Ridgetrail drives 
Through the Town's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, homeowners can express concerns about vehicle speeds and cut-through traffic on their local streets. 

Based on Town studies and processes, Black Pine, Saddleback and Ridgetrail drives qualified for this program in 2015. Soon, new devices will be in place.

Construction is expected to begin the week of June 19, 2017, weather permitting

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Details of the plan
Construction will begin in 2017 and occur through 2018.

Black Pine Drive
One enhanced speed cushion will be placed along Black Pine Drive between Oak Vista Court and Saddleback Drive. A pedestrian center median will be placed just west of Wild Star Way. The improvements would be implemented in two phases.

Saddleback Drive
Over two years, four enhanced speed cushions will be placed along Saddleback Drive between Woodlands Boulevard and Black Pine Drive. In addition, a raised center median will be added just west of Birchleaf Court at the mailboxes, pending Council approval. 

Ridgetrail Drive
Two enhanced speed cushions will be placed along Ridgetrail Drive between Woodlands Boulevard and Crestridge Drive. Both would have side medians with posts. A pedestrian center median would be installed between Pinyon Drive and Quail Lane. This would take place in two phases.

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Background and data

The first step in the traffic-calming process is homework. The Town uses a traffic study to determine the overall speed and vehicle volume along the street. 

In April 2015, the Town hosted a meeting to update residents and give an overview of the process. In May 2015, the Town worked with residents to post yard signs and sent a postcard explaining the signs and the program. The street was studied again in September 2015, and data still showed a need to address traffic speed and volume.

The Town hosted an open house in early March to create a working group to study the issue and come up with possible, physical solutions. 

Along Saddleback Drive, the 85th percentile speed was 32.7 mph. The maximum number of cars per day during the study was 1,008 cars. To qualify, the 85th percentile speed must be 30 mph or greater and there must be at least 500 cars on the street per day. That means, the street qualified for the program. 

Saddleback Drive Speed Summary
Study period: March 10-16, 2016
Total number of vehicles recorded 5,706
Maximum number of vehicles per day 1,008
Average vehicle speed 28.1 mph
85th percentile speed 32.7 mph

Saddleback Drive Speed Summary 
Study period: Sept. 24-28, 2015
Total number of vehicles recorded 5,007
Maximum number of vehicles per day 1,063
Average vehicle speed 29.6 mph
85th percentile speed 38.3

The Town and residents then used yard signs and radar feedback signs to help make drivers aware of their speeds. In addition, Castle Rock Police used targeted enforcement to try to reduce speeds. Another study was completed in September 2015. The average speed went up, so the street qualified for the program. 

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