Five-year Capital Improvement Program

Planning infrastructure for the future

Your Town looks ahead to our future. Each year as part of the budget process, Town Council adopts a list of construction projects in the five-year Capital Improvement Program. In fact, this planning is so important, it’s required by Town Charter. 

The first year in the five-year plan aligns with the current budget, in this case, 2018. The remaining portion of the document is a planning tool that shows the current state of thinking, yet depends on future funding. The current plan focuses on Council priorities, including transportation, long-term water and public safety. 

Here is a summary of the largest projects in the plan. Keep scrolling for a map. 

Transportation projects related to growth

Improvements at Founders Parkway and Allen Way 

To improve operations at Founders Parkway and Allen Way, the Town is allocating resources to construct intersection improvements and acquire right-of-way from the Colorado Department of Transportation. These improvements will include additional turn lanes and a second lane on the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 25. This project will help alleviate congestion at this intersection and accommodate additional traffic volumes as the Town grows. Learn more on the project's webpage

Cost: $4,264,200 for construction in 2018 
Funding sources: Building Use Tax and Federal Grant Funds

Improvements at Founders Parkway and Crowfoot Valley Road

To improve operations at Founders Parkway and Crowfoot Valley Road, the Town is planning to construct intersection improvements in 2018. These improvements primarily include additional turn lanes in multiple directions, which will help accommodate existing and future traffic volumes at this intersection. Learn more on the project's webpage

Cost: $3,460,000 for construction in 2018 
Funding sources: Building Use Tax and CDOT Contribution

Public Works Service Center Expansion

In order to keep pace with Townwide growth, Town staff must also have room to grow. As part of this initiative, the Public Works Department plans to construct an addition to the Service Center facility in 2018. This expansion will include additional office space and Fleet service bays, allowing Town staff to maintain levels of service and to improve and maintain transportation infrastructure.  

Cost: $3,997,500 for construction in 2018 
Funding sources: Impact Fees

Transportation maintenance projects

Just as it is important to build improvements, it’s important to maintain what we already have. 

Meadows Parkway reconstruction

The Town will reconstruct the concrete pavement along Meadows Parkway between Prairie Hawk Drive and U.S. Highway 85. The opening of Castle Rock Parkway in 2016 allows for an alternate route while this significant work is completed, minimizing disruption to the traveling public. This project was previously planned in 2017, but was delayed for construction until 2018. Learn more on the project's webpage.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has notified the Town that the application for federal funding has been approved and that 80 percent of project costs will be covered by a federal pass-through grant.

Cost: $2,467,000
Funding sources: Road and Bridge Tax and Federal Grant (80 percent)
Construction: 2018

Securing renewable water

Castle Rock Water will continue to focus its efforts on securing renewable water for our future. Here is a look at two of the larger construction projects that will help move the Town toward that goal in the next five years. 

Future pipelines and pump stations:

In 2015, the Town secured storage space in Parker’s Rueter-Hess Reservoir. Now, it’s time to move water to the reservoir. In 2017, the Town will study ways to move South Platte water supplies from the foothills to the new reservoir. Another study will evaluate how to move water from the Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority to Rueter-Hess through existing infrastructure, which were upgraded in 2017. 
Construction of pipelines and related infrastructure to transport these water supplies to Castle Rock are planned in 2018.

The Town owns substantial Denver Basin groundwater supplies and a limited amount of surface water on Plum Creek. However, as the demand for water increases along with the Town population, other supplies will need to be secured to meet that demand. Sustainable water supplies must be imported to the Town, with a focus on proximity and feasibility.

Cost: $5,555,300
Funding sources: System Development Fees and Water Resource Fees

Chatfield reallocation project: 

The Town also owns storage space in Chatfield Reservoir. This project will fund the participation and maintenance costs of the Town's reserved storage space (200 acre-feet). The Town plans to increase its participation rate to 2,000 acre-feet over a 15 to 20 year period. This project has been identified as a critical component of the Town's Renewable Water Plan, which includes maximizing the Town's existing supplies and finding the most efficient solutions to meet the Town's long- term renewable water supply goals. 

Cost: $899,805 
Funding sources: System Development Fees and Water Resource Fees

Public safety initiatives

Crystal Valley Ranch fire station: 

As the population in the southern end of Town grows, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue will need a new fire station to maintain levels of service and response time. It will be located in Crystal Valley Ranch and provide service to Castle Rock’s southernmost neighborhoods, including Crystal Valley Ranch, the Lanterns, Heckendorf Ranch, Stone Canyon Ranch, Sellars Creek Ranch, Bell Mountain Ranch, a large portion of Plum Creek, and the South Lake Gulch Road corridor areas. The station will house a fire engine and a brush truck, specifically designed for wildland firefighting, and will necessitate the hiring of 12 personnel. Construction was started in 2017 and is planned to be complete in 2018, with the station being operational by the end of 2018. Learn more about construction and sign up for updates

Cost: $4.8 million for construction and equipment
Funding sources: Impact Fees and Sales Tax
Construction: 2018

More information

Read the full Capital Improvement Plan

Transportation Capital Improvement Program

Castle Rock Public Works is planning for the future of transportation. The map and chart below explains the projects planned over the next five years. 

Capital Improvement Plan

Project Description Year(s)
1 Founders and Allen Way Intersection Safety and operational improvements 2017-18
2 Founders and Crowfoot Valley Road Intersection Safety and operational improvements 2017-18
3 Crystal Valley Parkway interchange Design and right-of-way 2018-21
5 Wolfensberger Road and Plum Creek Parkway Intersection Construct roundabout 2017-18
6 Ridge Road Widening  Widen street from Founders Parkway
to Plum Creek Parkway
7 Founders Parkway and Fifth Street Intersection Operational improvements 2017-21
8 Fifth Street improvements Street improvements from Gilbert Street
to Founders Parkway
9 Plum Creek Parkway widening Widen street from Ridge Road to Gilbert Street 2018-22
10 Plum Creek Parkway/Gilbert Street Intersection Construct roundabout 2018-19
11 Coachline Road and Foothills Drive intersection Construct roundabout 2020-21
12 Wolfensberger Road and Red Hawk Drive Intersection Construct roundabout 2021-22
13 North Meadows Drive widening Design street: Meadows Boulevard
and U.S. 85
14 Wolfensberger widening Widen street from Red Hawk Drive to MAC entrance 2021-22