Shop Local, CR!

As a local business owner, you provide unique local goods and services that shape Castle Rock’s character. As a local municipality, we provide local services such as fire, police, road maintenance, and more that keep our Town running.

To thrive, you need local revenue. To provide, we need local sales tax. That’s why we’re making our annual shop local campaign a year-around event. We’re hoping you’ll partner with us in 2017.

What is the Town’s Shop Local campaign?
It’s simple. We want to share the many benefits of shopping locally, including places to do so, such as your business. We’ll feature reasons to shop here in Town along with local businesses on our social media, in print, with video and on our website.

Twitter: @CRgov
Instagram: @CRGOV

Why is shopping locally important?
As a Town focused on character, your unique business is vital. You’re part of Castle Rock’s fabric and small-Town feel.  

At the same time, the Town relies heavily on sales tax to fund police, fire, snow removal, roadwork, parks maintenance and other services our community needs.

You see, residents pay, on average, just $35 per year in property tax. That funds about 17 days of fire and police services. Funding for the rest of Town services for the rest of the year is from sales tax.

How can I participate?
Simply let us take photos and use them on various platforms. Then, share our social media posts using #ShopLocalCR! You might even consider promoting a deal of your own. Consumers who know their dollar goes a bit further in Castle Rock are more likely to shop, dine or be entertained here.

Is there a cost to participate? 
Nope! Local business owner and photographer Nick Lucey will be out photographing local businesses for the campaign. All we ask is that you’re open to photos being used.


Contact Karen Carter, Community Relations Manager
303-660-1365 or