On-street Parking Policy

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As Castle Rock thrives, parking along the Town’s streets has become a highly desired amenity. With that in mind, it’s important that parking policies are implemented consistently. 

That’s why the Town has drafted a policy to guide parking along public streets in neighborhoods and commercial/retail areas. 

Proposed policy

The Town is proposing to use a policy – rather than Town Code – to address this topic. Policies tend to me more flexible and allow for future change.  

In summary, the proposed policy would:
  • Allow on-street parking along public streets as long as it is safely accommodated. 
  • Recognize the various impacts on homes and businesses related to on-street parking and commit the Town to helping impacted residents and businesses address those issues in ways other than restricting parking. 
Specifically, parallel parking would be allowed on public streets (including neighborhood streets) as long as:

  • Generally, there is still 20 feet of space on the street for other cars to pass through. This provision supports space for emergency service response.
  • Bike lanes or other multi-use shoulder lanes are not blocked.

Thank you for your feedback!

Feedback will be gathered online through May. Now, any necessary changes will be made to the policy, which will then go to Town Council for consideration. 

If the policy is implemented, existing restrictions established prior to implementation would not be impacted unless necessary for safety operations. 

Downtown Parking

The Town also knows parking Downtown is a specific topic of interest. Currently, a study is underway to evaluate current and future parking needs Downtown. Learn more about that study.

HOA covenants

Some homeowners associations have their own parking rules and regulations. It is worth noting that this proposed policy has no bearing on those covenants, nor enforcement of those covenants.