Animals of Pokemon

Did you know that many of the characters from the popular Pokémon games were inspired by real animals? During this unique program, learn about the real defense strategies animals use to protect themselves, find shelter, and find food.

For example, Froakie is based off of a frog and uses water as a defense. Pidgey is based off of a pigeon and uses wing attacks just like in real life. There will be five live animal ambassadors that have "characters" in the Pokémon games / shows. We will discuss natural history, stories, diets, habitats, conservation and more! 

Event details

Thursday, Sept. 7
5:30-7:30 p.m.
The Amphitheater at Philip S. Miller Park

This is great for nature enthusiasts of all ages! 
Registration for this event is encouraged but not required. Walk-in are welcome as space allows.

More information

Partnership event provided by the Town and Douglas Land Conservancy
Free event but $10 donation to nonprofit Douglas Land Conservancy is appreciated
Educational presentation from Nature’s Educators
Public is invited to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy during the presentation