Gordon Drive Improvement Project

Castle Rock Water and the Public Works Department are making infrastructure improvements along Gordon Drive to address stormwater flows and minimize street flooding. The project entails the addition of stormwater infrastructure; water and sanitary sewer line modifications and replacement; and pavement maintenance along Gordon Drive.

In coordination with the Town's Pavement Maintenance Program, reconstruction of Gordon Drive to address worn pavement will commence following the utility work between Johnson Drive and Gordon Lane. The cul-de-sacs that intersect with Gordon Drive are also scheduled to receive an asphalt overlay.

Along with heavy construction traffic during the day (7 a.m - 6 p.m.), there will be detours and limited access to roads and sidewalks. Your safety is very important to us, and local resident access is a priority. Traffic control plans will be coordinated with emergency services to ensure access and response times. We request that anyone with special needs contact us immediately to make access accommodations.

Updated: June 19, 2019

This project has been expanded to incorporate concerns expressed by residents at the open house and recent waterline breaks nearby. In addition to the original section of Gordon Drive (red section on map), the replacement of the water main, water service and sanitary sewer service infrastructure will occur within the right-of-way along the remaining portions of Gordon Drive and adjacent cul-de-sacs (blue and green sections on map). All homes within the project limits can expect periodic disruptions in water service. Additionally, there will be restricted access to the road and sidewalk. Efforts will be made to minimize the duration of any water outages, and the contractor, Iron Woman Construction, will be distributing notices regarding planned service disruptions.

  • Replacement and relocation of sanitary sewer infrastructure in the red, green and blue areas is complete.
  • Waterline replacement along Gordon Drive is underway. The existing line will remain in service until testing has occurred.
  • Storm sewer construction along Gordon Drive is expected to begin the week of July 8. 
  • Roadway improvements are planned to be completed by December, weather permitting.

Project details

Construction began the week of April 8, 2019, with Iron Woman Construction as one of the primary contractors on site in the initial phase of the water upgrades. 

Please refer to map below for project specifications.

Red / Green / Blue areas

A stormwater pipe will be placed in the road under the pavement within the existing right of way on Gordon Drive between Johnson Drive and Gordon Lane, as well as  the remaining section of Gordon Drive and adjacent cul-de-sacs. To accommodate this new stormwater infrastructure, the existing sanitary sewer pipe will be relocated.

The existing water line will be replaced as an upgrade to the water distribution system. Service lines connecting each house will be replaced between the water main and meter pit (behind the sidewalk and within the right of way). This area will encounter intermittent water and sewer service disruptions for each of these construction phases.

Individual homes will receive notice 48 hours prior to service interruption. Interruptions will be between 4 and 8 hours long and will occur between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. There will be periodic restricted access to roads and sidewalks due to construction.

Gordon Drive currently has an inverted crown, which channels stormwater in the street. Once water line construction is complete, a new road with a standard crown, with catch curbs and gutters, and a new sidewalk will be constructed. The placement and size of roads and sidewalks will not be altered. There will be periodic restricted and limited access to roads and sidewalks. 

Purple area

A stormwater intake structure will be constructed within a Town-owned tract between 300 and 350 Gordon Drive, and an outlet structure will be constructed within the existing drainage easements between and behind 52 and 56 Gordon Drive. No disruption in water service or road access is expected. Sidewalks may be closed for extended periods of time, and sections may be replaced with a curb and gutter.


This project began in April 2019 and is currently on schedule to continue through December 2019. Iron Woman Construction has been awarded this contract.

For additional information, call Castle Rock Water at 720-733-6000 or the Stormwater Hotline at 720-733-2235, or email us.

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