Citizen Advisory Committee


The Citizen Advisory Committee will be appointed to advise Council on certain necessary changes to the Town Charter and a transition plan for Castle Rock's new Town Council structure, following the 2017 Special Election. Council's goal is to implement the will of voters quickly, efficiently and with public input. 


Voters on Nov. 7 approved a citizen-initiated measure to change language in the Town Charter regarding how the Town’s Mayor is elected. Now, the Mayor will be elected at-large, and there will be six Councilmembers elected within six districts.

While the election changed language in the Charter regarding the overall structure of Town Council, the original citizen-initiated petition that provided for the election did not identify critical elements such as qualifications for Mayor (age, residency, voter status, etc.) and a timeline for the transition to the new Town Council structure. These items must be identified in the Town Charter before the will of voters can be implemented.

Because any change to the Charter requires voter approval, another election will be required. Council wants community input before asking voters to consider another series of Charter amendments, and on Tuesday established a Citizen Advisory Committee. Council is planning for a special election in spring 2018.

Specifically, the seven-member Committee will review and advise on:

  • Qualifications for Mayor, such as age, voting status, and duration of residency in Castle Rock
  • Election date the Mayor will first be elected
  • The timing and procedure to complete the necessary re-districting to six Council districts


Those interested in serving on this committee are asked to submit an application, available online, or by visiting Town Hall, 100 N. Wilcox St. Applicants must be registered to vote in Castle Rock. 

Applications are due by noon Friday, Dec. 22.

The Committee is expected to meet before making recommendations and suggestions during a regular Town Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 16. The timeframe is compressed so as not to delay implementation of the voter-approved Charter changes. Council is expected to plan for a special election in spring 2018.

Town Council Liaisons

  • Councilmember Bower
  • Councilmember Teal

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