Proposed color coding of trails at Ridgeline

A local Boy Scout has taken on the remapping of Ridgeline Open Space to color code the existing trails as his project towards his rank of Eagle.  Proposed are two different options for color coding Stewart Trail by loops. The end result would be similar to the colored loops on the trails at Philip S. Miller Park.

The Boy Scout obtained these ideas by meeting with multiple hiking, biking, and community members and groups for their input on the remapping. Your feedback will help us make a final determination on how this project gets implemented.

Ridgeline Trail Map 2015
The project will also include adding mileage markers to improve safety by making it easier for emergency services to find people along the trail and make it easier for the users to track miles and not get lost. 

Thank you for reviewing the two options and letting us know which you prefer.  The survey also includes a field for any other suggestions or comments you may have regarding this project.  This survey will stay active through Nov. 25. 

4-colored loop option


7-colored loop option