Waterline Program

New waterline installation

Highway 85 Transmission Project

Planned for construction in June - August 2019, the Highway 85 transmission line project will complete about 2,100 linear feet of 20-inch potable water transmission line in a stretch beginning near the Meadows Boulevard intersection, extending south towards Justice Way. The project is needed to efficiently move water around Town and make best use of imported WISE water being distributed by the Ray Waterman Regional Water Treatment Center. The project was awarded to T. Lowell Construction at a cost of $697,000.

Lane and road closures will occur along the northbound lanes on Highway 85 and at the Justice Way intersection. However, business access will not be impacted.

Hwy85 Transmission Public Map

Red Hawk Reuse Line

Planned for construction May to August, 2019, the Red Hawk reuse line is a 3.4 miles-long, 8-inch diameter reuse line to take treated effluent from the Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority plant to the Red Hawk Golf Course for golf course irrigation. While Red Hawk Golf Course has its own well for irrigation water, during the height of summer heat, supplemental water is often supplied by Castle Rock Water. Instead of using treated drinking water, this non-potable reuse water will help supplement the additional irrigation needed.  

The pipeline project was awarded to Global Underground for an approximate project cost of $2.95 million. The project will involve a combination of horizontal directionally drilled pipe under major roadways and drainage crossings, a bored crossing under the railroad, and also open-cut trenched installation.

Lane closures and detours may be encountered. Water service will not be interrupted.

Red Hawk Reuse Project map

Water distribution rehabilitation

Castle Rock Water identifies water distribution pipe and appurtenances for rehabilitation based on a history of leaks, increased annual maintenance, age, and condition. Hydraulic modeling and fire flow testing sometimes determines when a pipe should be replaced with a larger-size pipe to deliver more flow. Pipeline repairs always involve open-cut trench work in the streets, so residents should be aware and obey any posted traffic signs.

With water system repairs, the water system must be shut down to relieve pressure and make the work area safe. Castle Rock Water will provide notice for planned shutdowns, and complete repairs as quickly as possible.

Completed projects

Johnson Drive, Place and Court - waterline replacement

In the summer of 2017, Castle Rock Water replaced aging waterlines on Johnson Drive, Place and Court, at a cost of $246,810. View location map. With replacement of the waterlines, crews also brought the number of hydrants and valves in the neighborhood up to current standards, making the area safer and less susceptible to water outages in the future. 

This project took place in advance of the pavement maintenance scheduled for this neighborhood. The Public Works Department restored the roads with new asphalt following the waterline replacement work.  By coordinating the road work with the waterline replacement project, the Town was able to save money and limit inconveniences to residents.

Prairie Hawk Drive - waterline distribution upgrade

In January of 2017, Castle Rock Water installed a new waterline along Prairie Hawk Drive, between Atchison Way and Topeka Way, at a cost of $163,800. View location map. This project looped the two waterlines in Atchison Way and Topeka Way.

Caprice Drive / Caprice Court and Malibu - waterline replacement

In 2014, Castle Rock Water completed the replacement of 2,093 linear feet of old, undersized waterline in Caprice Drive, Caprice Court and Malibu Street from 6-inch pipe to 8-inch pipe, at a cost of $461,333. The area is largely industrial and commercial properties. Modeling and fire flow testing demonstrated the existing pipes were undersized to provide for a minimum 1,500 gallons per minute fire flow. An 8-inch pipe carries almost twice the flow as a 6-inch pipe.

Jerry Street from Sixth Street to Eighth Street - waterline replacement

During 2013, the Town replaced undersized 6-inch water mains in Jerry Street, from Sixth Street to Eighth Street, with larger 8-inch mains. A water main was also installed in Sixth Street between Perry and Wilcox streets to complete water line looping in that area and improve fire flow capabilities. Approximately 1,200 linear feet was installed at a cost of $265,142.

Program cost

The actual cost of the distribution system upgrades program varies from year to year, but $350,000 is budgeted annually. 

More information

Residents are advised to contact Castle Rock Water with any concerns or questions at 720-733-6000.