Waterline Program

Water distribution rehabilitation

Castle Rock Water identifies water distribution pipe and appurtenances for rehabilitation based on a history of leaks, increased annual maintenance, age, and condition. Hydraulic modeling and fire flow testing sometimes determines when a pipe should be replaced with a larger-size pipe to deliver more flow. Pipeline repairs always involve open-cut trench work in the streets, so residents should be aware and obey any posted traffic signs.

With water system repairs, the water system must be shut down to relieve pressure and make the work area safe. Castle Rock Water will provide notice for planned shutdowns, and complete repairs as quickly as possible.

Terrain Flow Control Vault Project - 2021

The Terrain Flow Control Vault Project is located near the intersection of Founders Parkway and Crimson Sky Drive. The project will install a new automated flow control valve in the water main along Founders Parkway.  

The valve will work with the existing Oaks Valve to allow for a more efficient distribution of red zone water from the Ray Waterman Regional Water Treatment Facility, between Tank 14 and Tank 16 in the Terrain subdivision.

Construction of this project is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

 Terrain Control Vault Project Map

New waterline installation

Glovers Distribution Pipe Rehabilitation Project - 2021 and 2022

The Glovers Distribution Pipe Rehabilitation Project is located east of South Gilbert Street, between Ash and Elm avenues. This project will replace the aging and undersized potable water distribution piping in this subdivision.

Access and Disruptions

Temporary disruptions to water services may occur. Affected customers will be given advance notice when these disruptions are planned to minimize any inconvenience. Traffic detours will also be necessary. Access to resident's property will be maintained throughout the project.


Phase 1: Construction will begin mid-May 2021 and continue through September 2021

Phase 2: Summer 2022


The Phase 1 construction contract was awarded to T. Lowell Construction, for approximately $1.9 million. The construction contract for Phase 2 has not been awarded yet.  

Glovers Project Area 2 Map