COVID-19 Information


As concerns over COVID-19 continue throughout the country and the world, the Town continues to evaluate and adjust its services, programs and events as the best-available information indicates is appropriate.

Town decision-making is completed in close collaboration with the Tri-County Health Department, which is the lead local responder in this incident. Castle Rock Fire and Rescue has a staff member working at the health department to ensure the Town has the most up-to-date information in this rapidly evolving situation.

All neccessary precautions are being taken, we are also following Tri-County’s recommendations and encouraging residents to take preventative actions to help stop the spread of the virus - including washing hands, staying home when sick and avoiding contact with people who are sick.

Important note for opening businesses

As businesses and buildings begin to reopen, please ensure the safety of your building’s plumbing by flushing the system. With lack of use, the plumbing in your business or building can carry stagnant or standing water. This stagnant water can cause conditions that increase the risk of growth of bacteria. Run both the hot and cold water through all points of use, like showers, sink faucets and toilets to replace stagnant water with fresh water. Here are a few other Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations that can help minimize the risk of contaminants in a building’s plumbing system.