Metzler Family Open Space

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With gorgeous sweeping views, plentiful wildlife and beautiful wildflowers and vegetation, the land along Founders Parkway and Crowfoot Valley Road is truly a treasure. The approximately 60-acre property was donated to the Town by the Estate of Robert F. Metzler. While the donation agreement requires several improvements the property will primarily remain open space to be enjoyed by the community for generations to come.

Metzler family history

The Metzler family is credited as an original settler in the Castle Rock area. Originally built in 1899, the homestead was the home of Bob and Rosemary Metzler. The siblings grew up on the property when it was still being used for ranching and dairy operations. Both Bob and Rosemary had distinguished careers in education. Bob was elected the Superintendent of Douglas County Schools in 1952, and Rosemary taught in Douglas County for more than 30 years. The siblings were third-generation Coloradans who had a passion for education, the community, and parks and recreation.


As part of the agreement, the Metzler estate donated a conservation easement, which limits the uses of the property going forward and preserves the natural state of he land. Douglas Land Conservancy, a local nonprofit focused on land conservation in Douglas County, holds the conservation easement and will help ensure the property, including a four-acre tract containing the homestead and ranch buildings, are managed appropriately.

Future improvements

An 11-acre tract, which could allow for an educational or community building, was also part of the donation. This area will be managed as open space until future needs are determined by the Town and funding is available. This area will also contain a parking lot that will provide the community access to a network of soft-surface trails that will be constructed.

The Town has committed to a first phase of improvements, which includes 2.5 miles of soft-surface trails, and access driveway and  parking spaces. Additionally, the Town will install informative plaques on the property to provide additional information about the Metzler family and property. About $1.6 million has been allocated for these improvements, which are planned for the coming year.


Trail Construction

The Town will begin constructing 6 miles of native-surface single-track trails on the property to allow folks to explore and discover this amazing property. The project will also include trail construction on the open space property west of the Metzler property. The proposed trail plan shows both of the open space properties as well as the alignment of the new trail to be built. Trail construction will begin in February and be completed in June of 2022, weather depending .The trails will open for public use after a parking lot with access off of East Allen Street and Founders has been completed. If you have any questions in regards to the trail project, please feel free to reach out to trails planner Rich Havel at or 720-733-4482.