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Posted on: February 7, 2018

Feb. 6 Council Update: special election, park rezoning, roundabout plan and water well construction


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Here are some highlights from this week’s meeting.

At-large mayor special election
Town Council approved Tuesday two ordinances necessary to implement the voter-approved at-large Mayor structure. Those ordinances officially call a special election for Tuesday, May 15, and set ballot language for the questions.

The special election is necessary following the November 2017 election in which voters approved the new Council structure. While the election changed language in the Charter regarding the overall structure of Town Council, the citizen-initiated petition that provided for that election did not identify elements such as qualifications for Mayor (age, residency, voter status, etc.) and a timeline for the transition to the new structure. The special election is necessary to identify these details before the mayor election in November.

Next steps: The ordinances are expected to be in front of Council for a second reading on Feb. 20.

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Rock Park rezoned to PL-3 district
Castle Rock’s “Rock” monument is an icon for the entire community. In November, Town Council created a new zoning district to update the zoning classification of the park and officially classify the park as a natural area. Additionally, the new zoning will align the park’s permitted uses with the activities and facilities that currently exist, and allow for the continued maintenance and operation of the park’s features, the flagpole and the Star.

Tuesday night, Town Council unanimously approved the ordinance to reclassify Rock Park to the new PL-3 zoning classification. Council also directed staff to prepare a measure that would acknowledge the Rock Park management plan and ensure any temporary events were compatible with that plan.

Next steps: The ordinance is expected to be in front of Council for a second reading and final approval at a later date.

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Philip S. Miller Park rezoned to PL-1 district
In March 2016, Town Council approved an ordinance to establish Public Land (PL-1 and PL-2) zoning districts. The intent of the ordinance was to better align the permitted uses allowed within those zone districts, with the actual types of facilities that exist on the park property – specifically for Philip S. Miller Park.

Because Philip S. Miller Park was established from multiple open space parcels, the property consists of various zoning designations. Establishing the PL-1 classification helps clean up the park’s zoning. Town Council on Tuesday approved the first reading of an ordinance to officially rezone Philp S. Miller Park to the PL-1 classification.

Next steps: The ordinance is expected to be in front of Council for a second reading and final approval at a later date.

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Roundabout for Founders Parkway/Ridge Road at Fifth Street
As Castle Rock thrives and the Town works to improve safety and reduce congestion on our roadways, thinking ahead is important. Town Council on Tuesday night approved an amendment to a design contract with Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. for a large roundabout a Founders Parkway/Ridge Road at Fifth Street.

National studies show roundabouts are safer and improve traffic flow, which is why Town and CDOT traffic engineers recommended the design.

Next steps: This project is part of the Town’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Program. Design will continue, with construction expected in 2021. The Town is actively seeking funding partnerships with CDOT and Douglas County for this regionally beneficial improvement.

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Resolution to approve a service agreement for two new water wells
As infrastructure ages, replacement and rehabilitation are important issues for Castle Rock Water. Town Council Tuesday approved a construction contract with Hydro Resources – Rocky Mountain, Inc. for the construction of two new replacement Denver Basin wells.

The new wells will replace wells CR-15 and CR-16, originally installed in 1982 and 1983. Both facilities are located adjacent to the Plum Creek Golf Course. An investigation showed the well casings in both of the original structures had failed. The wells now need to be replaced in order to continue supplying water to one of the Town’s water treatment plants. The total cost of the project is about $1.6 million.

Next steps: Construction is expected to officially begin this spring. However, crews will start mobilizing in the next few weeks.

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