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News and Announcements

Posted on: November 7, 2018

Unofficial Castle Rock election results available, will be updated


More than 22,000 Castle Rock voters turned out for the Nov. 6, 2018, election.

As of today, the Douglas County Elections Office is still counting some ballots. Visit for the most up-to-date unofficial vote totals. Election results will be certified Nov. 26, at which point they become official.

The most current unofficial results show the top two candidates in the race for Mayor as having vote totals within .34 percent of each other. The Town Charter dictates that a recount shall be conducted in any race where votes fall within .5 percent of each other, so a recount could be required in that race. The unofficial results as of 12:55 a.m. Nov. 7 are:

Jason E. Gray:            9,094

Randy A. Reed:          9,170

Charles Fletcher III:    4,114

For the two Town Council seats up for election this year, the margins in the latest vote totals are wider, with 6.55 percent separating the top two candidates in District 3 (eastern portions of The Meadows and Red Hawk) and 14.71 percent separating the top two candidates in District 5 (southeast Castle Rock). The unofficial vote totals in those races are:

District 3                                                        District 5

Kathy Redmond:         1,353                           Max Brooks:                   975

Kevin Bracken:           1,585                           Caryn Johnson:           1,447

Tanya R. Relyea:           604                           Wayne Harlos:               787

The latest unofficial results indicate that Town voters supported the seven Town Charter amendments Town Council had placed on the ballot, generally related to electing Castle Rock’s Mayor at-large. Current unofficial totals show the seven questions passing at anywhere from 69.64 percent to 89.06 percent approval.

In addition to ballots yet to be counted, there are provisional ballots – including some for which voters need to verify their signatures – that cannot be counted for eight days. Also yet to be counted are some absentee ballots from those serving in the military overseas.

The Town will issue another update once the County has counted the remaining ballots. As a reminder, these vote totals are unofficial until the election results are certified Nov. 26.

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