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East Plum Creek Trail


East Plum Creek Trails Map (PDF)

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East Plum Creek Trail Elev. Profile (PDF)

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  1. Bike Path (Paved)
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Colorado Front Range Trail
  4. Dogs allowed with leash
  5. Easy Trail
  6. Parking

This paved trail takes users through the wetland and riparian habitat of lower Sellars Gulch and East Plum Creek. The Meadows portion is a great location for bird watching. An interpretive station and educational materials have been installed to help trail users identify birds in the area.

As part of the Colorado Front Range Trail, this recreational trail also functions as a commuter trail providing access between The Meadows neighborhood and Downtown Castle Rock. 

Length: 6 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Surface: 8-foot wide concrete trail

Meadows Parkway trailhead just west of U.S. Highway 85
Festival Park, the eastern lot at Douglas County Fairgrounds
Gilbert Street, South Perry Street

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