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East Plum Creek Trail


East Plum Creek Trails Map (PDF)

East Plum Creek Trail Elev. Profile (PDF)

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  1. Bike Path (Paved)
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Dogs allowed with leash
  4. Easy Trail
  5. Parking
General Information
 6 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Surface: 10-foot wide concrete trail
  • Meadows Parkway trailhead just west of U.S. Highway 85
  • Festival Park, the eastern lot at Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Gilbert Street

This paved trail takes users through the wetland and riparian habitat of lower Sellars Gulch and East Plum Creek. The Meadows portion is a great location for bird watching. An interpretive station and educational materials have been installed to help trail users identify birds in the area.