I’ve heard Pit Bulls will no longer be banned. Is that true?

As a home rule municipality, the Town of Castle Rock has its own set of local laws and codes. It's prudent for a local government to take a look at its laws to ensure they are up to par with current legal best practices and local culture. That's why Town staff started a review of Town Code related to animals in 2017.

After conducting research and gathering public feedback, Town staff has recommendations for the Castle Rock community and Town Council to consider. One of those recommendations is to replace the current ban on Pit Bulls with a two-tired, behavior-based potentially dangerous/dangerous provision. 

Town staff conducted extensive research throughout the review process and found most Colorado communities do not have breed-specific bans. Research shows breed-specific bans present a number of challenges and are difficult to enforce. That's why the team is making the recommendation to move away from a breed-specific ban to a two-tiered, behavior-based potentially dangerous and dangerous animal system. The proposed system would allow authorities to focus on the particular behavior of a dog and not it's appearance or genetic make-up.

It's important to note, the proposed system also outlines definitions for both potentially dangerous and dangerous animals. These definitions are designed to proactively manage a potentially dangerous dog, and would not necessarily require a dog to injure/bite another animal or person before being classified as potentially dangerous. Additionally, dangerous dogs would be clearly defined, and steps to remove the animal from Town limits would be outlined.

Staff has also proposed revisions to other areas of Town Code related to a variety of animals, including chickens, bees, dogs, cats, wildlife and more. It's important to note, Town Council has not made a decision. Learn more about the proposals and next steps, and provide your feedback

Learn about the animal code review.

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