Is there an effort to change how Castle Rock’s mayor is elected?

Yes, there is a citizen-driven initiative to change the Town’s Charter. The proposed change would amend the Castle Rock Town Charter to allow for the at-large, town-wide election of the office of Mayor. In addition, it will include district changes. Town Council currently consists of seven members elected from the district they live in. Currently, the Mayor is appointed. The proposed amendment would reduce the number from seven to six districts.

The acting Town Clerk deemed there are a sufficient number of valid signatures for the effort to go forward. State Statute required Town Council to set a ballot question and call an election. The special election has been set for Nov. 7. Town Council also directed staff to develop an educational mailer for residents. The purpose is to help voters understand the question as they fill out their ballot. As part of the mailer, Town staff has been identifying draft arguments for and draft arguments against the Charter amendment. Residents now have the opportunity to submit feedback regarding the mailer messaging.

Learn more about the election and draft mailer at

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