Is there new information about the Castle Oaks development near Ridge Road and Plum Creek Parkway?

In 2010, Town Council approved a Planned Development Plan for that area. That plan included 117 homes. Now, a new builder is interested in developing that area.  The developer conducted two neighborhood meetings to date and received feedback expressing concerns over the proposed increase in density.

If the developer were to stick with the originally approved plan, construction could begin with proper construction documents. If the developer were to make any changes to the original plan – such as increasing the density of homes, building elevations, open space allocations, site setbacks, or overall site layout – the new plan would have to go through a public process. That process would include public hearings with the Planning Commission and then go to Town Council for consideration. To date, the applicant has suggested an increase in density up to 168 homes. However, the Town has not received a formal application. Depending on the increase in density that is ultimately submitted with a formal application, there would be numerous impacts, such as traffic impacts, that would need to be studied and discussed before the public process would begin.

When formal development plans are submitted, the Town updates its Development Activity map at

Castle Oaks Filing map

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