How does development work in Castle Rock?

Like in most municipalities, all development – including building, planning and zoning – is handled by the Town’s Development Services Department. A new development must start with a proposed plan.

The plan is submitted to Development Services, which is staffed with experts. Engineers, community planners and designers evaluate the plan on everything from traffic and water impacts to design and aesthetic standards. Their goal is to ensure every new development not only matches the community’s vision but also makes technical sense and, above all, is safe to use. Then, the public process can begin. Planned developments are presented to the public through Planning Commission, community meetings, and Town Council. Then, staff follows up with developers to ensure public comments taken at public meetings are incorporated into the plan to the extent possible. You can see the projects going through this process using the map at Sometimes, if the zoning use on the area is already in line with what the developer is proposing, it can be reviewed and approved by staff.

It’s important to know this process is market-driven. When the economy supports new amenities, developers will approach the Town with their ideas.

View a video about the process on YouTube.

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