How is the Town spending voter-approved TABOR revenue?

In November 2016, 69 percent of Castle Rock voters approved a measure that allowed the Town to keep $714,580 in revenues beyond TABOR limits from 2015. Voters specifically allocated that money to police, fire, emergency medical and transportation purposes. That’s where the money is going.

Here is a detailed list, which Council approved in April 2017:

•Active shooter body armor and shields for 73 Castle Rock Police Officers: $95,360 •Rifle Lights for CRPD: $22,200 •Ballistic/stab-resistant vest for the K9 Unit: $2,950 •Electronic speed signs: $24,000 (note that these will not give tickets) •LIDAR speed detection devices: $12,980 •Crash Data Reader (CRPD): $3,500 •Mobile Fingerprint Units: $5,100 •AEDs for Town buildings and Downtown businesses: $37,000 •AEDs for marked police cars: $53,000 •Stop the Bleed Kids to for local schools (helps bystanders stop life-threatening bleeding): $41,000 •Reserve Brush Unit (CRFD): $15,000 •Telescopic Forklift (CRFD): $47,500 •Vehicle Extrication Equipment (CRFD): $60,000 •Flashing yellow arrows for 19 intersections: $228,000 •Flashing beacons for crosswalks: $70,000

Get details on each item in the Council memo.

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2. How is the Town spending voter-approved TABOR revenue?
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