What services are funded by local taxes?

Your tax money supports the Town's Fire and Rescue, Police, streets, Parks, Open Space, Recreation Center and administration services.

On average, the owner of a $300,000 home in Castle Rock pays about $35 in property tax from the Town. The rest of the Town's funding comes from sales tax revenue.

View the annual budget.

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1. I made a purchase at a Castle Rock grocery store and noted there were 3 sales tax items shown: 4%, 3.9% & 2.9%. I thought Castle Rock’s sales tax was 7.9% total. What is the breakdown for this 10.8%?
2. How is the Town spending voter-approved TABOR revenue?
3. Can you explain why Founders Village is a special Tax district and how money from this tax district is used? Thanks.
4. What services are funded by local taxes?
5. Where can I find out about the Town’s budget?