Is it true that Castle Rock’s growth is bringing more crime?

Although no community is immune from crime, Castle Rock is a very safe community. Our crimes against persons crime rate has actually decreased since 2012.

The population of Castle Rock has grown from 51,573 in 2012 to 62,036 in 2016. During this time, the crime rate for crimes against persons, which includes crimes such as aggravated assaults and robberies, actually decreased from 1.2 crimes per thousand in 2012 to 0.79 crimes per thousand in 2016. For example, there were 7 robberies reported in 2012 versus 4 robberies reported in 2016. Aggravated assaults have stayed consistent with 29 in 2012 and 29 in 2016.

The crime rate for crimes against property has increased from 16.3 crimes per thousand in 2012 to 18.55 crimes per thousand in 2016. This increase can be attributed to retail theft, fraud and ID theft.

The Castle Rock Police Department has grown appropriately to keep up with population growth as we strive to continue to provide a high level of public safety service to the community. In 2012, Castle Rock Police had 54 officers (or 1.05 officers per thousand population) and in 2016, our department had grown to 71 officers (or 1.14 officers per thousand population.)

It is worth noting Castle Rock received recognition in May as being among the safest places in all of Colorado from LendEDU. Crime stats are published each year in CRPD’s annual report. Visit

Here is a link to LendEDU's Safest Cities blog, with further pertinent information:

View information on crime statistics.

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