My question pertains to the CityScape development by Richmond...

We are new residents, and were told by the realtor that Castle Rock prohibits building along crests of hills in an effort to not block out views. My question pertains to the CityScape development by Richmond (on Meadows Boulevard just west of the hospital). It is not on a crest, but the homes are 4 stories tall, and completely blot out the high mountain range, leaving only sky visible. They are actually on land that is lower than our homes across the road, but they are very tall. I'm just wondering if there are any protections in place that relate to existing homes and views?

Castle Rock does not have any regulations regarding existing homes and their views. Our Skyline/Ridgeline ordinance limits building height in specific protected areas that are designated on the Development Constraints Map. (See link below.) Some homes built in these Skyline/Ridgeline areas have reduced building height, additional landscaping, limited to earth tone colors, or have gone through a variance process to not have these limitations (based on detailed criteria).  The CityScape homes are not limited due to this ordinance and are being built within the allowed building height of 60 feet for this Town Center neighborhood.

Development Constraints Map.

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1. My question pertains to the CityScape development by Richmond...
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