What is being done by the Town to ensure that the (Promenade) developer is delivering what was promised?

Looking at the vision book for the Promenade, it appears that Alberta is leaving out A LOT of the amenities that were promised to create this "High Class" shopping experience and we are being left with a shopping center we can find anywhere else that is nothing special. What has been completed so far is just a fraction of what their documents show for area's that are completed already. What is being done by the town to ensure that the developer is delivering what was promised as many people I've talked to are disappointed with what has been done so far. I've tried contacting Alberta directly but they ignore all communications and their website has broken links that don't work.

Town staff in late March 2018 met with the Promenade Development Team to discuss existing conditions and review specific site design and landscape elements identified in the Council-approved Promenade Vision Book.  The project is 60 percent complete and ahead of the initial 5-year schedule. The existing and proposed tenant mix, pedestrian gathering areas, and ongoing improvements to emphasize the “mountain to prairie” architecture and landscape material theme will be completed with each phase of the project. The development team noted that landscape improvements and pedestrian gathering areas will undergo further development in the spring and summer of 2018 and beyond. The tenant mix is consistent with the commercial needs of the community and initial presentation to Council, including additional sit-down restaurants and retail sales options. View a current site map, including updated businesses, at CRgov.com/Promenade

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6. What is being done by the Town to ensure that the (Promenade) developer is delivering what was promised?
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