What are you doing with the land by Sovereign and Cherry?

This undeveloped land is part of the Town’s Mitchell Gulch Park. Someday, the Town would like to expand the park and improve this area. There are no formal plans at this time. Information about active development projects is on the Town's Development Activity Map.

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1. Is the city considering taking over the Plum Creek Golf Club pool? If no, what is going to happen to the pool and parking lot- it has been left abandoned for 6 years.
2. What are you doing with the land by Sovereign and Cherry?
3. Can I climb to the top of Castle Rock?
4. Can the Town construct a staircase to the top of the Rock?
5. Are there any plans to construct a full-sized ice rink in Castle Rock?
6. Are there plans for a year-round simulated snow park at Philip S. Miller Park?
7. What percentage of Castle Rock land is dedicated/protected open space? Is there a map showing these locations?
8. What is the purpose of the orange mesh & black tarp barriers along Native Legend Trail? And the blue flags?
9. Why do Town employees go up on the Rock?
10. Is Rock Park being re-zoned? What does that mean?
11. What is happening at Festival Park?