What will it take to implement the voter-approved changes to Castle Rock’s Town Council structure?

Voters on Nov. 7 approved a citizen-initiated measure to change language in the Town Charter regarding how the Town’s Mayor is elected. Now, the Mayor will be elected at-large, and there will be six Councilmembers elected within six districts. While this election changed the language in the Town Charter regarding the overall structure of Town Council, the citizen-initiated petition that provided for the election did not identify critical elements such as qualifications for Mayor and a timeline for the transition to the new Council structure. These items must be identified in the Town Charter before the voter-approved changes can be implemented.

Because any change to the Town Charter requires voter approval, another election will be required. Town Council wants community input before asking voters to consider another series of Charter amendments. To do so quickly, efficiently and with public input, Town Council has formed a Citizen Advisory Committee, which has advised Council on:

  • Qualifications for Mayor, such as age, voting status, and duration of residency in Castle Rock
  • Election date the Mayor will first be elected
  • The timing and procedure to complete the necessary re-districting to six Council districts

Council anticipates a special election in spring 2018.

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2. What will it take to implement the voter-approved changes to Castle Rock’s Town Council structure?
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