What can Town Council do/not do in terms of zoning?

Much of Castle Rock was zoned in the 1980s and 1990s, and landowners are legally entitled to develop the land according to previously approved zoning requirements. Town Council is obligated to honor the legal contracts of the past.

If a landowner seeks new zoning or rezoning of their property, there are specific zoning criteria that Town staff, the Planning Commission and Town Council must use to evaluate when determining if a zoning request should be approved.

Neighborhood meetings and public notice are required prior to the zoning hearings.

The Planning Commission reviews the request and makes a recommendation to Town Council, which makes the final determination. Town Council is required to objectively review the request based upon 1) the facts and circumstances brought to the attention of the Council in the hearing process, 2) the 2030 Vision and the Comprehensive Master Plan and 3) all development codes.

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