Town plans to build a recreation center in the 5 year recreation plan. The community surveys show that acquiring more open space/parks and creating more trails are priority while building a

recreation center ranks low priority. Why is this on the plans priority or have we tried to get a private company, like the YMCA, to come and build here? That would save us money and bring another business to town. 

Land dedication requirements and funding sources have been developed to accomplish all of the community’s parks and recreation goals over time. In regard to parks, Castle Rock Municipal Code requires new development to provide 8 acres of land for parks per 1,000 residents. The Town currently meets and will continue to exceed that standard. Impact fees charged for new home development provide funding for new park construction. Deputy Zack S. Parrish III Memorial Park is the latest example of park land dedicated to the Town and developed using impact fees.

All new developments are also required to provide a minimum 20% open space dedication. At this time, approximately 27% of the total land area within Castle Rock Town limits is zoned open space. This percentage will increase to about a third as the community continues to grow. Ridgeline and Memmen Ridge open spaces are good examples of open space dedicated through development. 

Trails are funded through sales and use taxes, as well as grants. The Town continues to construct new paved and unpaved trails each year for recreation and transportation purposes, such as the East Plum Creek Trail or Hangman’s Gulch Trail systems.

Impact fees on new development have also been previously used for the 2006 expansion of the Castle Rock Recreation Center and the development of the Miller Activity Complex. Currently assessed impact fees on new development will also be an essential revenue source for any new indoor recreational development.

Castle Rock is starting a study to determine the feasibility of the next recreation facility. The study will consider potential public / private partnerships and will explore the potential to construct facilities that typically are not provided by the private sector – such as gymnasiums and competitive aquatic facilities. The facility study will begin this fall and will include a community engagement process. 

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1. Town plans to build a recreation center in the 5 year recreation plan. The community surveys show that acquiring more open space/parks and creating more trails are priority while building a
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