Is it true that the block with the B&B cafe has been bought out by developers and has plans to be redeveloped as a high rise? What other high-rises are in the works for downtown?

Do we have a plan of open space to acquire to provide that land for these downtown residents to access? Could we ask developers to dedicate open space elsewhere in town, as close to downtown at possible, to provide open space for this population that they’re bringing to town?

Regarding B&B Cafe, Town staff is not aware of a change of ownership, nor any new development plans for this area. We’d recommend you contact the business directly for confirmation. The View, proposed on Jerry Street, is the only active multifamily project under review for Downtown at this time. View the Development Activity Map for information on all active development projects. 

Since 2008, the goals for Downtown Castle Rock have included having a welcoming, friendly Downtown core; enhancing the area’s historic character; providing easy access to trails and open spaces; and ensuring public spaces and event areas that are family friendly.

These goals were outlined in the 2008 Downtown Master Plan – a 20-year plan for the evolution of Downtown Castle Rock. Work on the plan began in 2006 and was guided by an advisory commission, along with input from more than 600 community members. Adding residential uses Downtown has been an important part of this plan also, as residents Downtown help support our small businesses.

View the entire Downtown Master Plan

Planning for parks and open space, current facilities and acreages, and plans for future needs, can be seen in our Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Town currently owns and manages approximately 3,000 acres of open space, which along with Douglas County and HOA-owned open space, accounts for about 28% of Castle Rock’s total land area. This percentage will grow to over 30% in the future. In addition, Castle Rock will continue to meet the Municipal Code requirement of 8 acres per 1,000 residents for parkland as the community grows. 

Castle Rock residents living Downtown have direct access to extensive open space areas along the East Plum Creek Trail and nearby parks, including Festival Park and the Douglas County Fairgrounds by way of the Sellars Gulch Trail.

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2. Is it true that the block with the B&B cafe has been bought out by developers and has plans to be redeveloped as a high rise? What other high-rises are in the works for downtown?
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