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1. Is it true that while masks are encouraged, nothing makes mask wear mandatory in Castle Rock? How does Castle Rock exempt themselves from the TCHD Public Health Order?
2. What's the scoop on why Castle Rock is not part of RTD?
3. Are there any additional supermarkets slated for Castle Rock?
4. What are the exact details of how Castle Rock excluded itself from SCFD?
5. What is happening to the Ash trees around town? At my apartment complex in black feather and my old home, they have not bloomed yet.
6. How do I propose that an older ordnance get reviewed for adjustments? Specifically, golf carts are not allowed in castle rock because they can’t be registered as a vehicle.
7. I have heard the train horn quiet zone will be funded by the new Encore development next to Town Hall. When will the quiet zone actually be operational, meaning the horns will no longer be heard??
8. Does Castle Rock have a paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, and tin recycling program?
9. Will you please provide the exact rules/laws for the use of personal fireworks when it is not the 4th of July?
10. How do I ensure that my feedback becomes part of the official record of a Town Council meeting?
11. Is a short term rental allowed in Castle Rock?
12. Is it allowable to have a wood burning fireplace in a new construction home?
13. The town has done a wonderful job making the entrances into the Meadows beautiful. The trees are healthy, the grass manicured, etc. The entrance on Wolfensberger under the train bridge,
14. Has the Town purchased the gas station located at 830 N. Wilcox St.?
15. How is the parking managed at Highlands Apartments on Auburn Drive? Are they abiding by how many vehicles are allowed in there?
16. What is Town Council discussing with regard to kratom?
17. Why does the Town not enforce its illegal sign code? ...
18. Is it true that there are plans to move the railroad tracks in 2020?
19. When are Town Council meetings?
20. How can I receive emails about Town happenings?
21. Where can I learn about events and open houses?
22. Is it possible to opt out of door-to-door solicitation?
23. How do I retire a damaged American flag?
24. Does Castle Rock have a sister city?