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Rental Property Service Form

  1. Rental Property Service Form

    This form is to be completed by the owner, landlord or property manager to establish tenant service for a Town of Castle Rock water and wastewater account. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for change to be effective.

  2. Note:

    You must notify us before read date if final read date changes and/or cancels. Effective Jan. 1, 2016, a $40 transfer charge will be assessed each time the meter is read for a final read / transfer of service.


  4. xxx-xxx-xxxx

  5. PROPERTY MANAGER: (if applicable)

  6. xxx-xxx-xxxx

  7. Moving Out:*

    Please select one of the choices below:


  9. Please provide information of the tenant moving out of this address:

  10. xxx-xxx-xxxx

  11. Moving In:*

    Please select one of the choices below:


  13. Please provide information of tenant moving into this address.

  14. xxx-xxx-xxxx

  15. Please Note:

    The property owner (as shown in public records) is responsible for all charges incurred with this account. Water is lienable in the State of Colorado.

  16. For customer billing staff use only

    Date received: ___________ Date processed:___________ Prior tenant account balance $_______________

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