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Town Property Tax
Property tax assessments
Local governments levy property taxes on all privately owned real property regardless of use. The amount of tax levied is based on the assessed valuation of the property and the Town’s mill levy. The tax is assessed by multiplying the assessed valuation by the mill levy rate. The Douglas County Assessor’s Office establishes valuation. To look up your property’s assessed value, visit the County Assessor’s parcel search.

Breakdown of property tax
Below is the breakdown of the property tax a Castle Rock resident would pay on a $300,000 home. The total property tax paid on this home was $1,729.36, and the Town portion was $40.67.
  • 2011 Town of Castle Rock mill levy = 1.703 mills
  • Breakdown for Castle Rock resident on a $300,000 home:
    • Douglas County Schools - $1,119.73
    • Douglas County Government - $448.32
    • Douglas County Library District - $96.33
    • Town of Castle Rock - $40.67
    • Douglas County Disabilities - $23.88
    • Cedar Hill Cemetery - $3.75

The Town's property tax calculator will give homeowners details of how their property taxes are allocated.

The Douglas County Assessor collects the Town’s property tax. Questions regarding property tax should be directed to the Administration Office of the Douglas County Assessor, 303-660-7450. Information regarding property taxes also can be found at at the Assessor’s Office website.

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