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Severe Weather Information
Wireless Emergency Alerts

The Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system should now be active in our area. This system will automatically send three different kinds of alerts (Presidential, Imminent Threat [weather], and AMBER) to your wireless device at no cost to you, and you do not have to register to receive these alerts.

In essence, the alert is sent to the cell towers in the affected areas, which will then broadcast it out to every smart device covered by that tower. In Castle Rock, we have multiple cell towers, but not every wireless provider is on every cell tower. In the case that a severe weather incident could occur, the automated message will be sent to our cell towers. For example, if a tornado warning is sent for another part of Douglas or Elbert County, because of the location of the closest cell towers, Castle Rock residents most likely will receive the warning in addition to residents closer to the weather incident. We urge residents and business owners to listen to the call intently, so that there is no immediate danger confusion. Being prepared is important, but take into account the location that the call will detail.

There are some devices (iPhone and iPads) that will not receive these until upgrades are done, and about 3 percent of subscribers may not get the alerts, depending on their carrier.

Automated system and cell towers located within Castle Rock

As mentioned above, this is a new service, provided by the Wireless Emergency Alert system. It is automated. In some cases, this service might send an automated message to you, even if you are not close in proximity, but in an area relatively close to the severe weather. There are opt-out options if you do not want to receive these, but understand that this system works nationwide, and is entirely automated by the National Weather Service, as a step to keep you aware of possible severe weather situations.

Additionally, this links to a cell phone geotracking service. If you are out of the area and there is an alert issued for the area you are in, you will get the alert, related to the area you are currently in. Preparedness is the first step, and being able to receive these alerts helps you to be prepared. Understand that there are technical issues that might arise from this service, and that it is automated by FEMA and NOAA.

To learn more about these systems, click on the following links:

Weather radios

For emergency weather notification, the Town of Castle Rock recommends each resident obtain a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio. Weather radios can be purchased locally at Radio Shack.

Additional information
For more information on purchasing, visit the NOAA's NWR Receiver Consumer Information.

For information on the Midland WR-100 weather radio, which will allow you to receive information from the National Weather Service and the Department of Homeland Security, visit 24/7 Weather Alert Radios.

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