Just as you plan and keep a watchful eye on your household or business budget, your Town government plans and directs the Town's financial future. The department also uses its financial information to support management decisions.

Mission statement

Through exceptional customer service and effective partnerships, we deliver accurate and timely financial services

Vision statement

The Finance Department will provide financial solutions and services in support of the Town's vision and community objectives through: proactive education, purposeful planning, excellent communication and fiscal accountability


The Finance Department is committed to:

  • Providing high-quality financial reporting
  • Advising Town management on business factors affecting the Town's fiscal environment
  • Ensuring the security and proper disbursement of funds through effective appropriation management
  • Developing and updating effective administrative policies to maintain internal controls
  • Ensuring that Town departments obtain the materials and services needed within budget and in compliance with procurement policies
  • Maximizing investment earnings while safeguarding public funds as established by the Town's investment policy and state law