The Town of Castle Rock offers two grant programs. Each community non-profit organization may apply for one of the following grant programs per year.

Council Community Grant

The Council Community Grant Program is funded by the General Fund. Eligible project areas include those that contribute to Castle Rock's quality of life, with special emphasis on youth programs and activities, senior programs and activities, community-based environmental and sustainability programs and activities, and community-based performing and visual arts programs and activities. Individual grants cap out at $500 per request, with allocations not to exceed $8,000 for the year or $2,000 per quarter.

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Philip S Miller Resource Grant

The Philip S. Miller Resource Grant Program is funded by donations from the Philip S. Miller Trust Fund. The program is geared toward the support of social and human services and must include the provisions for the necessities of life including Water, Energy, Food or Shelter Assistance. The total annual budget for this program is $40,000. No more than five individual grants will be awarded annually.

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