Infrastructure improvements

Tank 12B Roof BuildAt the heart of your water service is the more than $800 million in water treatment plants, pipelines, stormwater inlets and meter connections. Being proactive in maintaining this infrastructure while providing reliable service and protecting public health is a priority for Castle Rock Water. Long-term planning and funding incorporate the capital improvement projects to these structures and facilities that operate water, wastewater and stormwater service.

Castle Rock Water's Engineering Division consists of engineers, geologists, plan reviewers and inspectors who manage these capital improvement projects to benefit the Town of Castle Rock water customers. This includes managing and administering contracts for designing and building new water facilities, existing system improvements and expansion projects.

New development

The water infrastructure and connection taps for new development are built and paid for by the developer. However, a plan review of developer utility projects is performed by Castle Rock Water to ensure the quality of the project being designed and built meets the standards set by the Town.

Code central

Visit our Code Central web page for municipal code, land development codes, infrastructure design codes, our fee schedule, and more.

GIS / mapping

For all geographic informational systems (GIS) or mapping requests for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, please fill out the online form.