Water Quality

Maintaining excellent water quality that is safe and great tasting is the core of Castle Rock Water's public health responsibility. We strive to go beyond the State and Federal regulations to provide an exceptional water. Here's how we are doing just that.

  • Won multiple excellence awards for the engineering and efficiency of the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility and Advanced Treatment processes, most recently in 2021 and 2022.
  • Awarded the first ever Continuing Excellence in 2020 from the regulatory agency, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, for implementing programs beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Continue to earn the Environmental Leadership Program Gold status for applying programs that conserve water, energy and other natural resources in business operations.
  • Castle Rock Water won the best water in the Rocky Mountain AWWA tristate region in 2015 and took second place in 2016.
  • Proactive in community education and testing for lead and copper exposure within qualified private properties.
  • Implementation programs and education to protect water quality within the watershed.

Water quality reports

Treating water includes monitoring the intake of our raw water, managing the treatment processes to eradicate a variety of contaminants, and ensuring safe water flows through the distribution pipes into your home or business. You can view the results of these tests in the current and past water quality reports.

Tour the treatment process

We invite you to take a tour of the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility, our primary drinking water treatment plant, to see how our water is purified with a multi-step process to ensure safe, reliable water. And you can take a peak inside our facility on the Water Treatment Process page.